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'The Demonstration and Promotion of Solar Energy Uses in Sahmuratli Village Project' (TUR-05-14) initiated in 2006 in the Yozgat region was satisfactorily completed in 2007. In using these environmental friendly devices powered by renewable energy (solar cookers, solar driers and solar ovens) with zero carbon emission, villagers encountered a number of difficulties such as the need to replace frequently the reflective adhesive paper on the cookers, the heaviness of the cast iron cooker and the low efficiency of the solar driers. A new project, 'Improvement of the Solar Powered Devices and Branding Infrastructure in Kerkenes, Sorgun;' was proposed to overcome these problems.

The main aims of this project, which builds on the successes of the first project, is to improve existing devices, to develop new and efficient prototypes and to incorporate a Scheffler reflector in the design of a new powerful solar oven. A second aim is to establish an economically viable production of ecologically processed food products using solar powered units and to provide infrastructure necessary for brand development.

Production units will be developed with technical support and assistance from the Elektrik İşleri Etüd İdaresi (EİE). Improved devices and more efficient designs will be models for promoting the use of solar energy in the region. Workshops held at the Kerkenes Eco-Center will disseminate information and provide training for inhabitants of Şahmuratlı and neighbouring villages, local school pupils and other youth groups.

This project also aims at encouraging villagers themselves, following the practices of organic farming and drip irrigation for efficient water management, to grow the fruit and vegetables for processing. Advice and expertise will be provided by Agricultural and Food Engineers who will conduct seminars on crop selection and optimisation of produce quantity and quality.

Another objective of the project is to provide infrastructure necessary for products to become branded and for Şahmuratlı Village to be a model for environmental friendly rural development. Once marketable products have been identified, the brand can be registered. Requirements that have to be met in order to establish an organisation with the capability of commercialising products will be compiled, as will the relevant rules and regulation to satisfy EU Legislation and International Food Standard (Codex).

In the meantime, in order to increase awareness and publicise the new brand on national and international markets, packaging, labels and advertising material that highlight the environmentally friendly approach and use of solar energy will be designed and printed. Promotional material will also be posted on the project's web page. Professional expertise will be solicited for advice on marketing, supply-demand equilibrium and brand development.

Exhibitions, meetings, presentations and conferences focusing on the use of solar energy for ecologically produced food will be held in Şahmuratlı Village, Yozgat, and at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, thus increasing public awareness. Some events will be held for groups of students from local schools, thereby targeting the young generation. The EİE is committed to collaboration through participation of the ENVER (Energy Efficiency) team.

This project will make Şahmuratlı Village a showcase for environmentally friendly, energy sensitive and self-sufficient development, promoting the use of renewable energy for a low-carbon economy and a sustainable future.