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A grant from the Bilateral Program Budget of the British Embassy, Ankara, funded the proposal for a 3 month project entitled:

'The Kerkenes Eco-Centre: A Model for the Promotion of the Use of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Designs for a Low-Carbon High-Growth Rural Economy in Turkey'

We would like to express our gratitude to the British Embassy as well as to other sponsors who continue to support the ongoing activities and program at the Kerkenes Eco-Center.

Thanks are due to the local Governor of Yozgat, Amir Çiçek, who hosted our distinguished guests at Yozgat, Sorgun and Kerkenes on October 18. Without the strong support from the Governor and his staff, the Kerkenes Project would not have achieved so much. The Sorgun District Governor, Ertuğrul Kılıç, must be congratulated for the overall orchestration of the Kerkenes Day, October 18, when over 600 people visited Kerkenes. We thank him and all those who contributed to make the day a great success.

Osman Muratdağı, Faruk Muratdağı and Ayşe Muartdağı have been enthusiastic representatives of ŞAH-DER, the Şahmuratlı Village Association and it should also be stressed that activities at the Kerkenes Eco-Center would not be a success without the enthusiastic participation of the villagers.