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The purpose of the project is to mobilise public, private and local authority support for local-scale energy-efficient and renewable energy designs using the Kerkenes Eco-Center as a showcase. The first major event, taking place in October, was a very successful day of outreach activities at Yozgat, Sorgun, Kerkenes and Şahmuratlı Village. The aim was to arouse the awareness of local authorities and all stakeholders and to make them conscious of the importance of the Kerkenes Eco-Center Project as a model for a low carbon high growth economy rural development.

This was followed up in Ankara, at the Middle East Technical University (METU), where the Kerkenes Project Team has an all year round base for research, public outreach and publication. Two events were organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture. On November 18, a program focusing around presentations by students who had taken part in 'Hands-on' activities at Kerkenes was followed by a small kermess next to the Faculty Kubbealtı Lecture Hall to promote ecologically prepared Kerkenes products such as the solar cooked jams, solar dried fruit and vegetables and similar items all produced in the Kerkenes Eco-Center. Finally, on the 4th December, a panel was held at the Solmaz Izdemir Hall, METU, where the representatives from the Yozgat local authorities, specialists and consultants in the field of energy, academicians and analysts presented and discussed issues related to renewable energy, low-carbon economy and sustainability. An exhibition and kermess once more promoted the Kerkenes Eco-Center activities and products. On both these occasions at METU, the Kerkenes Eco-Center was presented as a model for low-carbon high-growth rural economy that can be replicated regionally and even nationally.


The outputs of the three month program sponsored by the British Embassy can be summarised as below:

  • The information campaign, which included workshops and distribution of posters and leaflets that illustrate the role of the carbon cycle and the importance of reducing carbon emission using the Kerkenes Eco-centre as a good-practice energy-efficiency and renewable energy local scale project as a showcase, was launched.

  • Announcements and invitations were prepared for all activities and the press informed. Reporting on the importance of local projects and links to new Turkish low carbon and high growth policies is monitored and a selection of links appended to this report.

  • Sustained private sector interest in Kerkenes and small-scale energy projects has been demonstrated by the willingness of several companies to sponsor the Kerkenes Eco-Center and related activities. Amongst these are Cimpor Yibitaş, Chevron, MESA Housing, Yenigün, Torreador, AKG Gazbeton. Several of these sponsors were represented at the Yozgat and Ankara events.

  • Extending the local-authority network on local scale low carbon issues as well as collaboration with the General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) continues to be a target of formal and informal approach to relevant organisations and individuals. Yusuf Korucu and Murat Unal participated in the Kerkenes Kermess activities setting up a stand with posters and information brochures. The participation of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR), represented by Zeyneb Günaydın, has opened a door to future collaboration.

  • Formal collaboration between stakeholders (i.e. the local municipality) and policy makers (MENR and EİE) has been discussed. The participation of Françoise Summers and Soofia Özkan in the 1. Temiz Enerji Kurultayı, October 15-17, 2008, at Hacettepe University in Ankara, (Appendix and http://utek2008.phys.hacettepe.edu.tr/prg.pdf) has contributed to the dissemination of information on the Kerkenes Eco-Center project and added to the list of contacts for collaboration. The Sorgun District Governor, Ertuğrul Kiliç, who organised the October 18 events, ensured the participation of two Sorgun high schools by securing several buses from the Sorgun Municipality providing transport to the Kerkenes Eco-Center on Saturday October 18 as well as on the following day, Sunday October 19. Over 100 students from the Sorgun Telekom High School visited Kerkenes on the Sunday showing great interest in the environmentally friendly approach. It is anticipated that similar events will also take place in 2009.

  • Further work and outreach programs, including the web-page, new project applications and long-term policies, are ongoing.