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The Governor of Yozgat Amir Çiçek and the Sorgun District Governor Ertuğrul Kılınç both participated in the first panel of the METU workshop. Their willingness to travel the 250kms from Yozgat to Ankara is witness to their support and commitment. Volkan Öztürk presented the geothermal projects within the Sorgun Municipality and demonstrated there too the enthusiasm of the authorities to encourage the development of renewable sources of energy.

The Kerkenes Project has focused on the promotion of solar energy but there is scope for more. Rural development can benefit from other initiatives making use of wind energy, biogas or other renewable sources. There is a good partnership shaping up between this small local initiative in Şahmuratlı Village and the local authorities. One can hope that this will lead to further expansion on a regional scale and even national one.