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Reuse of grey water
Water used for domestic purposes can be salvaged and reused in the garden. This is in line with a general approach of reuse and recycle but demands a conscious effort on the part of all. Detergents will be very harmful if used and only mild soap or biodegradable products must be discharged into the system. Use of 'Arap' soap rather than detergent to wash up greasy plates and pans from a household of thirty people proved to be impractical and, because bio-degradable soap is not available locally, it was accepted that the kitchen sink would continue to be drained into the cesspit but that the rest of the used water from showers and washing machines could be channeled into the garden irrigation system.
The unfortunate fire inside a very old washing machine was an excuse for us to recycle scrap and use the central drum as the settling tank that was needed! The second settling tank was a simple thick plastic container that had once stored one month’s worth of cheese... The grey water system was connected to the home-made version of the drip irrigation system watering grass and trees in the lower part of the garden. Although grey water is perhaps not ideal for vegetables, plants such as corn and sunflowers should thrive under such treatment and we intend to demonstrate this next summer.

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