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I would like to express my thanks to all those who have stimulated my thoughts and contributed to the development of my ideas. In particular I express my gratitude to H. Crawford Greenwelt JR. who suggested to me that Thales’ eclipse warranted further consideration; he and David Stronach have kindly commented on an earlier version of this paper which has led to considerable improvement. Nicholas Postgate, J. J. Coulton, E. C. Krupp, Mark Nesbitt and Jennifer Stewart have kindly provided me with copies of literature not available in Ankara. All faults and errors, of both fact and interpretation, remain my own.

I am  most grateful to F. Espenak and NASA for permission to reproduce data and images from their eclipse web pages. Renger Sobbiah  tok the photograph of the 11. August eclipse from the Çamlik pass.

This paper is an experiment in electronic publication. The advantages lie in the ability to add links to other sections of the Kerkenes Project web page and to other electronic publications. A further advantage is the inclusion of colour illustrations both within the body of the paper, as zoomable thumb nails, and through links. Publication on the web also enables readers to communicate directly with the author via e-mail and will permit future updates and additions to be made, should such be desired.

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