“The purpose of the Kerkenes Eco-Center is to promote sustainability through environmental studies.”

The Kerkenes Eco-Center Project was initiated in 2002 with the help of the Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program. By 2003 the concept of establishing an Eco-Centre devoted to research into and promotion of renewable energy and sustainable village life was developing. The aim is to halt, and even reverse, migration from rural areas to urban centers. Rural economies on the Anatolian Plateau are underdeveloped; gender inequality is rampant while opportunities for young people are limited. Development of sustainable, environmental friendly, rural economies supported by renewable energy will provide a reduced rural population with acceptable levels of comfort (appropriate dwellings) and economic security. The model offered at Kerkenes can be replicated in the Yozgat region and beyond.

Our goals:

  • To act as a stimulus and a catalyst for environment-friendly building with appropriate materials and energy efficient designs
  • To advocate the use of renewable sources of energy
  • To act as a dynamic experimental base for testing designs, materials and activities suitable for viable and sustainable village life
  • To encourage village development and activities that might halt and even reverse migration from rural areas to the cities