The Kerkenes Project is directed by Geoffrey and Françoise Summers. Fieldwork is carried out under the terms of Permits issued by the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums (formerly the General Directorate of Monuments and Museums) on the recommendation of the Research Committee of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara. Professor David Stronach of the University of California at Berkeley was an Associate Director between 1999 and 2003. Dr. Scott Branting, now of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, and formerly at SUNY Buffalo, is currently an Associate Director. Collaborating institutions are listed in Collaboration.

The Kerkenes Project is, of course, dependent on its patrons to all of whom we extend our thanks and appreciation. Sponsorship comes in a number of forms, grants from academic bodies, grants and donations from organisations in Turkey, practical help and participation from organisations in Turkey and contribution of various kinds from individuals. Special thanks are due to the former longstanding Director, Dr. David French, and another former Director Dr. R. J. Matthews, for constant help and good advice.